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Q: My lawn is in a terrible condition, is it beyond saving?
A: Certainly not, the sooner you have it treated the sooner it will be a lawn to be proud of.

Q: When should I start the treatment?
Our lawn treatments are designed for any time of the year.

Q: When will I see the difference to my lawn?

A: You should see a difference within around 2 weeks.

Q: How can you treat my lawn cheaper than I can?

A: 'Off the shelf' products have a very short nutrient life, usually only around 4 weeks. We only use fertilisers
      designed for professional use which have a controlled release capability and are beneficial to your lawn for a far
      longer period. We also buy from the manufacturers in large quantities and there is no retail 'mark up'.

Q: Why do you use different fertilisers for different seasons of the year?
A: They are manufactured to take into account various things such as growing rates, ground temperature,
     high nitrogen content for a fast initial 'green up' effect or extra  magnesium to reinforce the colour. It is also a
     matter of knowing how much and when to apply.

Q: Do I need to be in when you apply the treatment?
A: No, as long as we have access to all lawned areas.

Q: Can you apply the fertiliser if it's raining?
Yes, the products are designed for application in all conditions, in fact they start acting faster in the wet.

Q: Do I need to cut my lawn before you come?
Do not cut your lawn 3 days either side of treatment.

Q: Is it safe for children and animals?
Certainly, all our fertilisers are safe around children, animals and wildlife.

Q:  Is my lawn safe after spraying with weed killer?
  It is safe when the weed killer has dried, usually 2-3 hours.

Q: How do I pay?
We accept cash, cheques , pay pal or you can pay by Debit Card or Credit Card through our website with our secure online payment system.


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